Xfinity Fastest Fixed Broadband Provider in New Mexico According to Ookla®

According to global network intelligence and connectivity insights leader Ookla’s Speedtest Intelligence®, XFINITY was the fastest fixed broadband provider in 14 states, including New Mexico during Q4 2022, based on consumer testing. 

Faster speeds are just one of the consumer benefits made possible through our continued efforts to evolve our network to 10G. We recently shared that Xfinity households across New Mexico received faster internet. 

The benefits of Xfinity go beyond faster speeds. Xfinity’s connectivity experience combines a powerful network built to deliver Internet in the home, reliably and securely, with cutting-edge hardware and software. 

  • Reliable – Next-generation Xfinity gateways deliver the most advanced WiFi technology, WiFi 6E, with 3x more bandwidth to power hundreds of devices, gigabit speeds over WiFi, and ultra-low latency for those moments when response times matter most like playing video games or using virtual reality. xFi Pods extend that coverage to hard-to-reach areas of the home, when needed. 
  • Secure – xFi Advanced Security – included free for customers who lease an Xfinity gateway – protects connected devices from malware and other threats at the gateway before they reach devices and the household members who are using them. Xfinity has stopped billions of cyber security threats since introducing the service a few years ago. 

To learn more about Xfinity’s Internet and connectivity solutions for customers, click here. 

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