Comcast Increases Internet Speeds for Majority of New Mexico Customers in Time for the Holidays

In November, Comcast significantly increased the speeds of its most popular internet speed packages – Performance Pro and Blast Pro – for both new and existing customers in New Mexico at no additional cost.

What does this mean for your next family Holiday party? You can be at ease knowing that your gaming-obsessed nephew will be able to keep his record high score without interruption. Your YouTube star cousin will stay on schedule with her 5-day a week video uploads all while staying in touch with her fans. Your mom will be able to video conference with the youngest member of the family who opted for the Bahamas for the holidays. Even better, your online music streaming will keep your home jubilant with non-stop Michael Buble tunes.

To get the increased speeds, most customers will simply need to re-start their modems when notified by Comcast that the new speed is available. Comcast will also notify customers who may need to upgrade their modems to receive the increased speeds. Customers who lease modems from Comcast will be able to receive upgraded modems at no additional charge. Customers who own their own modems and need to upgrade their modems to receive the increased speeds will need to purchase a new modem or can lease a new modem from Comcast.

For more information on your internet plan speeds, log in to your My Xfinity account here.


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