We’re Expanding our Xfinity Network Across New Mexico

Comcast is investing more than $150 million to expand broadband service to additional homes, businesses, and community institutions across New Mexico. Once construction is complete, your home and business will have access the new Xfinity Network. Learn more about the latest service plans and offers here.

Network Expansion Areas

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What to Expect



Before our teams begins construction, we will provide you with a notification that includes when we will need to access the utility easement on your property, what to expect during construction and how to protect your property and pets.  We also provide you with our local business partner’s contact information.

State law requires the marking of lines before digging can occur in public utility easements. You will notice different color markings and flags that will pop-up in your community. Please don’t remove the markings; doing so may delay construction or pose a safety risk to our crews and the community.


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Our local teams take the utmost care and respect for the communities we serve and expand into. We use state-of-the-art equipment to install fiber lines with the least amount of disruption. Our teams are ready to respond to your feedback. 

Yes, construction can be messy, and it can take time. But our teams are committed to making sure construction areas are restored to at least as good of a condition as we found it.

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Once construction is complete, your home and business will have access the new Xfinity Network.
Learn more about the latest service plans and offers here.

The Xfinity Network

Having a fast, reliable connection in your home and at your business is essential. Comcast delivers the best in Internet, TV, Voice, Mobile, Home Management and Business Solutions all working together to connect you to the experiences that matter most – anywhere, anytime.

The Xfinity Network is a next-generation broadband network that continues to get smarter, faster, and more reliable.

What are Public Utility Easements?

Utility easements are one of the most common types of easements for private property, which generally allow public utility companies access to the property for the purpose of installing, repairing and maintaining utility equipment. These include: overhead electric, telephone and television lines, underground electric, water, sewer, telephone, and cable lines. They exist because it’s significantly more efficient for utility companies to run lines in straight lines through neighborhoods rather than around individual parcels of land. Watch the video below to see how crews utilize utility easements.

Las Vegas

Our Xfinity Network now serves homes & businesses in Las Vegas

Comcast completed our multi-million-dollar expansion to Las Vegas, NM in December 2021. More than 9,000 homes and businesses in Las Vegas now have access to the Xfinity Network. Learn more about the latest service plans and offers here.

“The City of Las Vegas joins Comcast in celebrating the completion of this considerable investment in our community. An investment of this magnitude will support workforce development, virtual education, overall quality of life, and greater access to high-speed Internet for our residents. It also improves our Internet infrastructure in a way that may be attractive to businesses interested in locating or expanding their operations here,” said Mayor Louie Trujillo of Las Vegas. “I am grateful for Comcast’s commitment to expanding broadband access in critical areas of New Mexico like Las Vegas.” 

Current and potential customers can visit the Las Vegas Xfinity Store located at 2530 Hot Springs Boulevard to learn more about products and services including internet, TV and streaming, Xfinity Mobile, home security, and Comcast Business.

Rio Rancho

We’re currently building the Xfinity Network in Rio Rancho


Comcast is investing more than $150 million to bring Xfinity and Comcast Business services to homes and businesses across Rio Rancho. Construction will be completed in phases.

What does that mean for you? You’ll see us in your neighborhood in the months to come. You may notice orange flags and spray paint markings by 811. You’ll also see door tags and yards signs letting you know that construction crews are on their way. We’ll continue to update this website throughout the construction process.

For questions or concerns about construction work, or to report damages to your property, please contact our business partner Cable Com at 505-273-7893 or via email at customerresponsecenter@cablecomllc.net

Frequently Asked Questions

Before construction begins, you’ll likely see crews marking the ground. The activity may even be in your yard. This is critical work. It helps our business partners identify what is buried.

Please do not remove these flags or markings. They are very important in making sure construction is able to be completed as quickly and as safely as possible.

Watch for the notifications. Comcast is using yard signs, door hangers, and where possible, knocking on doors to notify residents when construction is in their area.
Keep your pets in your house. If access is needed to your backyard, please make sure your pets are safe and secure during the time period provided by Comcast.
• Be aware of construction workers. All construction workers and people placing door hanger messages will be wearing a safety vest and a badge identifying themselves as a Comcast employee or an authorized Comcast contractor.

Multiple notifications via yard signs and door hangers to residents and businesses will be provided in advance of any work impacting your area. The door hanger will include a phone number to contact with any questions or concerns.

Below are some examples of what the vehicles and equipment will look like.

Directional Drill – used to create an underground path for the network.

Potholes – created as a safety procedure during the locate work to visibly confirm where utilities lines are underground. The holes are backfilled temporarily until a permanent patch is made, usually within 24 hours.

Pedestal – an enclosure securing our network connections.

Roll of conduit – used to enclose coax and fiber-optic cable underground.

The below image provides a high level overview of what a typical construction site looks like from a bird’s eye view.

To provide Comcast service in your community, our team needs to place above ground connection points that link to underground fiber lines. These connection points are pedestals or peds, which are generally light green plastic housing that encloses and secures the network connections.

Peds serve specific network engineering needs, particularly in mountain towns. Their above ground design and placement provides a more secure connection space and avoid service impacting damage from water and ice. Above ground peds are also much easier and faster to service in the event of a network issue or outage.

To ensure the highest quality connection, peds need to maintain a relatively close distance to the associated home or business. The combination of these factors in addition to staying in the public right of way or utility easements creates some critical limitations on where peds can be placed.

Once construction work is complete in an area, restoration work will begin to make the area look like it did or better before the work began.

For questions or concerns about construction work in Rio Rancho, please email customerresponsecenter@Cablecomllc.net  

Yes. This expansion provides low-income households with access to Comcast’s Internet Essentials program, the nation’s largest and most successful broadband adoption initiative. In addition, Comcast is participating in the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). The ACP provides eligible households a credit of up to $30/month towards internet service. To learn more and apply, please visit www.Xfinity.com/ACP.

Comcast will notify potential customers of upcoming service availability on a rolling basis, as construction phases near completion.