Comcast is investing more than $9.4 million to build a state-of-the-art network in Las Vegas, NM and parts of San Miguel County to deliver our full suite of broadband, video, voice, home management, and business products and services to 7,500, homes and businesses in the area. 

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Products and Services for Homes and Businesses

Having a fast, reliable connection in your home and at your business is essential. Comcast delivers the best in Internet, TV, Voice, Mobile, Home Management and Business Solutions all working together to  connect you to the experiences that matter most – anywhere, anytime. 

In addition to Comcast’s Internet, TV, and landline phone products, residential customers in Las Vegas will also have access to the following Xfinity services. 

In addition to Comcast’s internet, TV and landline phone products, residential customers in these areas will also have access to the following Xfinity services:

  • The xFi Gateway unlocking the best Internet experience with reliably fast speeds, enhanced coverage, and ultimate control over the home network. Include xFi Advanced Security, a $72/year value at no cost.
  • Five lines of Xfinity Mobile service included with your Internet service, with no activation or line access fees.
  • Xfinity WiFi hotspots, giving customers access to more than 19 million hotspots across the country to connect to while on the go 

Xfinity Home Security, a total home security and automation solution 

  • Xfinity Flex, a 4k streaming TV box. Stream your favorite apps and access thousands of free shows and movies. 
  • Xfinity Stream, our streaming TV app offering thousands of Xfinity On Demand movies and shows, and access to the DVR library in home or on the go 

Peacock Premium, NBCUniversal’s streaming service with over 15,000 hours of content.

To learn more about Comcast’s residential products and services, visit 

Businesses will have access to the full suite of Comcast Business Internet, voice, and video services, incluiding WiFi, Voice, TV, and managed enterprise solutions for businesses of all sizes. To learn about Comcast Business’ products and services, visit 

Common Questions

Yes. This expansion provides low-income families and individuals with access to Comcast’sInternet Essentials program, the nation’s largest and most successful broadband adoption initiative. Since 2011, Internet Essentials has connected 296,000 low-income New Mexicans to the power of the internet at home, many for the first time.

Comcast currently provides a video-only system in Las Vegas. Over the next year this expansion will bring the entire suite of Xfinity services to Las Vegas. Comcast is a media and technology company that creates innovative technology and entertainment, connecting millions of people to the moments and experiences that matter most. 

Comcast has invested nearly $400 million into our network across New Mexico, which has led to a wide-range of next-gen products and services for local customers that includes the X1 platform, new On Demand and TV Everywhere capabilities, faster wired and wireless Internet speeds, advanced services for businesses, and smart home solutions. Through this project, Internet options in Las Vegas will range from $9.95 per month with our Internet Essentials program, to super-fast 1-Gigabit broadband. We’ll continue to invest in our network and services to ensure residents have access to the most innovative video, broadband, security, home and voice products available.  

We are also committed to the communities that we serve. In 2019 alone, Comcast invested $5.1 million in cash and in-kind contributions into community partners across New Mexico. We look forward to expanding our community investment efforts in Las Vegas.  

Residents will begin to see expansion work underway in Las Vegas beginning in summer 2020. Construction will move from neighborhood to neighborhood over the course of the next year until the full build is complete across the city. We anticipate the first wave of customers will have access to services in early 2021.  

If you are a local business owner and would like to contact one of our local Comcast Business representatives to begin discussing our products and services, please contact the following team members:  


Comcast and our construction partner Cablecom are committed to completing this work with minimal disruption. Our plan involves some digging and trenching, along with aerial installations. Our technicians will conduct work primarily in easements or a public right-of-way. We will provide notifications and information to residents ahead of time.

  • – Watch for the notifications. Our team will provide notification via door hangers a few days prior to construction beginning in your neighborhood or property. 
  • – Keep your pets in your house. If access is needed to your backyard, please make sure your pets are safe and secure during the window provided by Comcast. 
  • – Know that we’re working as quickly as possibleComcast is building a new, state-of-the-art network across the entire community and bringing the full suite of their services to Las Vegas. Comcast and Cablecom are working to complete this work as quickly and efficiently as possible. 
  • – Be aware of construction workers. All construction workers and people placing door hanger messages will be wearing a safety vest and a badge that will identify them as a Comcast employee or an authorized Comcast contractor. 

Q: When will I be notified that Xfinity services will be available to me?   

Current Customers 

If you are a current Xfinity video customer, you will receive multiple notifications, starting with a letter mailed to your home 30 days before construction reaches your area.  You will need to select new Xfinity services by the date stated on your notifications (full list below.) We will send you information about the kinds of service you can expect to receive from Xfinity throughout the 30 days. These notifications will include: 

– Letter notification 
– Phone call notification 
– Second letter notification 
– Second phone call notification 
– Door tag notification 

  • Future Customers 
  • If you’re not currently an Xfinity customer, you’ll receive a door hanger a few days before construction reaches your area, with information on how to contact us and select new Xfinity services. Once you receive your door hanger, you can also call us at 1-800-Xfinity to learn more. 

A large portion of the work will be done by Cablecom Communications, an approved, long-term partner of Comcast specialized in building complex networks and infrastructures. You can reach the following Cablecom team members working directly on this project by calling: 

Jesus Carreon – (505) 859-9002 or  
Joe Madrid – (505) 975-5767 

If you’d like to learn more, you can call 1-800-Xfinity, or visit us at your nearest Xfinity store: 

Las Vegas Temporary Xfinity Store

Santa Fe Xfinity Store

2530 Hot Springs Blvd, Las Vegas, NM, 87701

Hours: Monday from 12:00pm to 6:00pm

3517 Zafarano Drive Suite 4, Santa Fe, NM 87507  

Hours: Monday – Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., and Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.