New Mexico Company bigbyte Chomps on Comcast Business

Local tier III compliant data center, (bigbyte), has switched its entire service set to Comcast Business, who will now provide small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) and enterprise customers with more choices to connect to the cloud. Tenants of bigbyte are now able to select Comcast Business for high-performance Ethernet and other services to support a wide range of business applications.

Founded in 2001, Corp. maintains over 30,000 square feet in data center and business continuity space with additional 20,000 square feet “built-to-suit” available for any size project. Serving as New Mexico’s only 100 percent women-owned, privately held data and disaster recovery center, bigbyte’s carrier-grade infrastructure provides customers operational reliability with security, affordable bandwidth and fully redundant facilities while providing cost effective, compliant and flexible space.

“As the first neutral colocation facility in the state, we seek to provide diversification and always-on network access for our customers to meet their technology and business needs in compliant spaces,” said Nerissa Whittington, principal Corp. “Now, with Comcast Business, our clients can get Ethernet services and much more. We’re seeing clients transition away from their provider to Comcast Business, particularly to take advantage of the circuits that provide important price and bandwidth benefits to connect to the cloud.”

To store data, optimize their workloads, and execute mission-critical applications, businesses require a resilient, high-capacity network. Direct cloud connectivity helps businesses achieve enhanced performance, security and availability compared to connecting over the open internet, and Comcast’s Ethernet offering is backed by a service level agreement (SLA). Through Comcast’s NNI (Network to Network Interface), bigbyte customers are able to get private MPLS/VPLS WAN services in New Mexico at gigabit-level speeds.

The Diakonos Technology Group (DTG), a managed IT provider specializing in small to medium sized enterprises in New Mexico, is a tenant of bigbyte and has deployed Ethernet Network Service (ENS) with 200 Mbps performance at three sites that provide direct connectivity back to bigbyte for cloud hosting services. Attracted to its quality, reliablilty and affordable costs, DTG will utilize Ethernet Dedicated Internet (EDI) at 100 Mbps to serve as its premium circuit with future plans to triple the capacity.

“What attracted us to bigbyte initially was its colocation services, disaster recovery for office space and its independently audited status,” said Nick Campbell, CEO of DTG. “Separately, its proximity to our client-base and the variety of network services through Comcast Business that allow us to connect to the cloud while keeping costs in check were seen as a key to our business development. Comcast Business helps our business operations, and we look forward to growing with them as our main service provider.”

“Regardless of size or its industry, businesses are seeking flexibility to connect to the cloud rather than a one-size-fits-all service, and that’s what bigbyte has with Comcast Business,” said Julianne Phares, New Mexico External Affairs Director, Comcast Business. “Through dedicated, reliable, secure access with access to multi-Gigabit performance and low latency, bigbyte clients can connect to the cloud that best fits their needs with the assurance that Comcast Business is there to support them as future needs develop.”

Comcast Business’ network connects to nearly 500 data centers as well as cloud exchanges for dynamic access to multiple cloud providers.

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